Food safety administrators host free sessions for takeaways operating during Covid-19 crisis

Navitas Safety to offer expert advice on how to operate safely as a takeaway due to an increase in uptake among businesses seeking a means to survive the UK’s second lockdown. Takeaway services are nothing new. In fact, there are over 25,000 independent outlets across the UK, and we can only expect that number to have grown in recent months due to COVID-19 restrictions. Daniel Reid, Head of Marketing at Navitas Safety, administrators of food safety management, compliance and training, explains how this recent boom is amongst businesses who have been frantically searching for alternative revenue streams during the pandemic. “During both lockdowns, takeaway services have been the backbone for the hospitality sector. And despite a slight easing of restrictions over the summer and a government scheme to help businesses, a takeout option has proven the safest bet for restaurants looking to maintain a steady income, claw back some lost revenue and survive the pandemic. “Takeaways are here to stay. The model makes sense not only from a business perspective, but a customer-facing one, too, as we can expect consumer sentiments to remain heightened for the foreseeable future, regardless of any re-easing of measures. “Eating at home has proven to […]