“NEW” Dishoom Covent Garden Coming Soon

The Dishoom team are delighted to announce that they will (at long last!) be raising the curtain on the newly redesigned Dishoom Covent Garden in late autumn 2020. Dishoom Covent Garden, the team’s very first restaurant, opened in July 2010, and was their first attempt to capture the wistful poetry of the Irani cafés of Bombay, drawing inspiration from beloved Bombay institutions such as Britannia & Co., Olympia Coffee House and Kyani & Co. The restaurant closed in January 2020 to undergo a major redesign to mark the café’s 10th anniversary. The team are delighted to announce that the new restaurant will now reopen at its old home on Upper St Martin’s Lane later this year. The café will pay loving homage to its Irani café heritage, whilst also bringing to life the stories of Bombay’s theatres, which were reincarnated in the 1940s as all-singing, all-dancing talkie houses. Please kindly read on for a little detail about the new designs and story – further particulars, including launch dates, will be released in due course. Designing Dishoom Covent Garden Each Dishoom is a love-letter to Bombay – a way of sharing the team’s love of the city’s culture, heritage and people. […]