Virtuoso data: Younger travelers ready to get back on the road

While the coronavirus’ impact on the travel industry has been felt far and wide, there are some hopeful signs that the road ahead might be less bumpy.


That hope was evidenced in data Virtuoso collected from sales and traveler surveys and presented during the consortium’s Virtuoso Travel Week. The event, usually a weeklong gathering of meetings and networking events in Las Vegas, went virtual for the first time this year.

“Let’s be honest,” said David Kolner, Virtuoso’s senior vice president of strategy, who led the presentation, “we can’t overlook the point that we’ve utterly missed our expectations for 2020. And while even a few months ago we had hoped everything would be returning to normal by now … there are some signs of hope.”

Virtuoso in June and July asked its travelers if they were ready to travel. Both months had similar results: The younger the traveler, the more likely they were to travel. For instance, in June’s survey, 84.2% of travelers ages 18 to 25 said they were ready to travel again, compared with 5.3% who weren’t and 10.5% who weren’t sure. But among travelers 55 to 76, only 36.2% said they were ready to travel again, outpaced by the 53.7% who weren’t (9.4% weren’t sure).

For the most part, Kolner said, generation Z, millennials and Generation Xers are the most ready to get back to travel.

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