China welcomes tourism, consumption rebound under strengthened COVID-19 containment

The upcoming five-day International Labor Day holiday will be a “Golden Week” for tourism and consumption since China entered the phase of regular epidemic prevention and control. Although group tours across provinces are still suspended and outbound travel is discouraged, the number of domestic trips to be made in the holiday is estimated to be over twice the number of that made in the three-day Tomb-sweeping Day holiday in April. How will the country guarantee healthy and safe travels while boosting tourism and consumption in the holiday?

Booming reservations

Among comprehensive prevention and control measures during the holiday, tours to all of Shanghai’s top tourist attractions should be reserved to avoid gatherings of people. “Safety comes first,” said Yu Xiufen, head of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism.

The city, with 84 major tourist attractions and over 5,200 hotels reopened, will be the largest tourist destination as well as the largest tourist source for the holiday, according to booking data from Group.

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