Nor1 introduces real-time merchandising banners

Nor1 has added merchandising features to its flagship product, eStandby. These inventory-based guest communications trigger bookings and upsell, and have driven conversion rates above 25 percent, creating significant increases in revenues direct to properties. 

“Today’s guests demand and deserve absolute transparency in the booking process,” Nor1’s founder/CEO Jason Bryant said in a statement. “Accuracy and useful information are key. Our technology is different than anything else on the market because it reflects actual real-time inventory through our two-way integration. We serve up relevant data-driven offers based on a micro-segmented machine-learning approach, as well as highlight what is in high demand by others to prompt guests to make quicker and more confident buying decisions. Even without integration, we still know how many guests have requested an offer, or which offer is most likely to convert based on what similar guests have requested or what hotels have awarded most.” 

Powered by machine learning, eStandby and its upsell sister product eXpress Upgrade enable hotels to maximize revenue and drive real operational efficiencies. The new merchandising banner features are designed to inspire guests to convert based on influential buying triggers such as scarcity of product, popular demand or customized offers. 


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Hotels using the new banners have already seen a significant increase in the number of guests requesting upgrades, along with a boost in the average value of each upgrade requested. The merchandising banners also have driven higher overall revenue and created a more personalized guest experience.