The Future of Travel Increasingly Is Likely To Be Chinese

External Article18 April 2019 external

If you buy into the popular theory that “Demographics are Destiny” (not everyone does) you probably should begin learning Chinese. Korean would be good to learn, too, especially if you expect to work in the future in the travel or hospitality industries.

That’s because Chinese consumers collectively spent nearly $258 billion on international travel last year. That’s more than twice the combined amount spent on international travel by people from the United States and Germany, the next two biggest-spending nations, combined. And the Chinese are relative newcomers when it comes to venturing beyond their nation’s borders. A smallish percentage of them travel outside of China each year, though given the size of that nation’s population even that small percentage represents well over 100 million Chinese travelers to foreign destinations.

Yet Chinese citizens flew, on average, just 65 miles last year vs. the 227 miles flown on average by U.S. residents, the 285 miles flown on average by Germans, the 271 miles flown on average by those from the United Kingdom, and the whopping 632 miles flown by the average Canadian last year.

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