A Creative and a Well-Designed Restaurant Will Make You Order More | By Sarah Jessica Smith

If you thought that the interior design of any given commercial object had absolutely no impact on the business done inside, you were wrong. Companies give more and more notice to office décor because they know that this way they can increase productivity. Hospitality services are no different as the menu and the staff are just as important as the look of a restaurant on the inside. In fact, some people even decide where to dine solely based on the appearance of the restaurant or a café from the inside. That is why good interior design is a must and here are tips on how to create an atmosphere that will make your guests order one more meal, just to admire the décor a bit longer.

Going green

Back in the day, restaurants used to timidly place a potted plant here in there, trying to usher greenery through the back door. However, times have changed, or rather; people now lead different lifestyles that acknowledge the importance of plants and fresh air. That is why you have to include as many floral elements as possible in your interior design.

You can hang pots from the ceiling and pair them up with vintage light bulbs so it would appear as if the plants are in an incubator, suspended in midair. Another neat solution is to use plants to create booths that are aimed at ensuring privacy. Planters and wines could run from the ceiling to the floor to create separate areas in your restaurant. Finally, plenty of fresh air and natural light go well with greenery, so include these as well by installing a good ventilation system and larger windows that need to be cleaned regularly.

Multi-functional furniture

The lavish dining hall is a thing of the past, as an eco-aware generation is growing up and earning money to pay their own bills. They expect the restaurant they eat in not to waste anything, from food, all the ways to space. That is why numerous pieces of furniture are seen as a huge minus, as multifunctional furniture is in vogue now.

In practice, this means that if there are several tables in a line, you are not going to use two chairs per table. Instead, you should place a long bench alongside the wall to accommodate all tables and several chairs on the other side. Also, long winding benches, like the ones seen on squares of big cities are ever more welcoming, as they replace so many individual chairs. In essence, modern furnishing of a restaurant implies minimalism.

Fitting out the entire place

If you own a café, you probably have time and knowledge enough to dabble with interior design yourself, without hiring professionals. However, if you are opening a restaurant, then designing the interior can prove to be an overcomplicated task that will distract you from more important issues. You are an entrepreneur, not a designer, so your restaurant fitout should really be left to professionals. It’s not just that they will know exactly what to do but they will add the factor of experience because they have experienced numerous times what the public likes. A good piece of advice at just the right time could very well be the deciding factor if your business will succeed. Furthermore, you want the restaurant to open or reopen as soon as possible, so a guaranteed deadline that the fitout company will meet helps a lot. If you were to fit out the whole place yourself, who knows how long would it take!

Custom elements

One of the things that annoys the guests the most is the fact that many features inside the restaurant are industrially made and could be found in diners and cafes all over town. This is bad, because customers will start perceiving your joint as a stock and industrial kind of place that is like any other restaurant they might visit. That is why you should always strive for originality and include elements that are unique.

One way to go is to create an overall theme. Many restaurants who serve the national cuisine of one country opt for this option but then again, restricting yourself to a single theme can be dull at time. If you own a Chinese restaurant, you are bound not to be the only one, so if you are stuck with one theme, how can you possibly offer something different.

That is why it is better to include unique homely elements, like a sofa, old-fashioned chairs, an alarm clock etc. One table could be made from an inverted sink and the armchairs would be bathtubs cut in half with cushions on them. There is not a single feature you cannot imitate, so let your imagination run wild.

Sell the restaurant’s look online

Merely opening the restaurant and handing out some flyers is not enough. When it comes to the quality of food and the service, word of mouth is the best possible advertisement you can get but the décor is unique. You cannot post the savor of beef online but you can share pictures of the inside of your restaurant. Go online and create a profile on social media, posting images both of the empty establishment and when it is full of people during rush-hour. This way, the inside of your restaurant will go out into the world!

Design trends change all the time and what people liked in 2018 they will perhaps dislike in 2019. That is why developing an interior style of your own, executing it right, and sticking to it is the best solution.

Sarah Jessica Smith
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