Customer Reviews Help GuestRevu To Walk Away As Winners In Hotel Tech Awards

Winners of the 2019 HotelTechAwards have been announced, following four months of review collection and analysis, and GuestRevu‘s leadership team is overwhelmingly proud to see the company listed as the top hotel technology for both Reputation Management and Guest Feedback.

This announcement comes after Hotel Tech Report unveiled the 10 Best Places To Work In Hotel Tech and winners of their People’s Choice Awards last week, both of which prominently featured GuestRevu as well.

“Every company thinks that they are good at what they do,” says company Co-Founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Francine Heywood, “but to be acknowledged with awards and accolades that are based entirely on how our users feel about the products and services that we provide means the world to us.”

That the Awards, run annually by Hotel Tech Report since 2017, are based on feedback from thousands of users across hundreds of hospitality technology companies is particularly significant to Francine and GuestRevu CEO, Chris Alexandre, who started GuestRevu with the aim of helping hoteliers to listen to, learn from and earn from their guests with the help of feedback. Placing as the top technology in both categories that represent the services that GuestRevu provides goes to show that this aim is not only being met, but surpassed.

“GuestRevu is a company that lives and breathes its mission,” says Hotel Tech Report Co-Founder, Jordan Hollander. “They won several categories in the HotelTechAwards because they let their clients speak in an unfiltered environment about their products and services. GuestRevu won the reputation management category for its work helping hotels with online reviews — who could be a better partner at helping your hotel with online reviews than the company in the space with the best online reviews?”

2019 HotelTechAwards winners: Guest Experience Stack

2019 HotelTechAwards winners: Guest Experience Stack

The reviews that the company got throughout the four-month data collection period speak for themselves:

“Excellent work tool, and excellent way of highlighting issues… which we are then able to deal with quickly to remedy,” explains a CEO* in the United Kingdom. “GuestRevu does everything we need.”

Properties in countries as far spread as Sierra Leone, Poland and the United States agree, describing the company as “a must have for all hotels”, a “great tool for an actionable overview of guest sentiment”, and a “great product with excellent customer service — a winning combination”.

“Getting direct feedback from our guests through the GuestRevu platform has really improved not only the way we deliver services to them, but also our direct interactions with our very high level of repeat guests,” says a Group Commercial Director in Zambia.

“GuestRevu is the perfect tool to gain the information required on guest experience,” explains a General Manager from the United Kingdom.

2019 HotelTechAwards winners: Operations Stack

2019 HotelTechAwards winners: Operations Stack

And how does Chris feel seeing the in-pouring of reviews, and hearing this kind of feedback about a solution that has been on the market for under five years? “It has been fantastic to read each review, and to understand how we are meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. It’s incredibly fulfilling for me personally, as well as for our whole team, to know that our product is delivering such value to our clients,” he explains. “And we’ve noted all the comments, both the raves and the constructive criticism, and are looking forward to addressing them all, and seeing GuestRevu go from strength to strength.”

*During Hotel Tech Report’s feedback process, reviewers have the option to submit their reviews anonymously or provide their details to the relevant technology partner. Hotel Tech Report only shows anonymised data to the public, but does provide an option for technology companies to see who left the reviews, and respond accordingly.

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