How to Make Improving the Guest Experience a Joyful Task

Meeting guest experience requirements is too often a series of boring checklists. But improving the end-to-end experience can be a joyful, creative project that involves everyone from the general manager to the most junior staff. Here’s a way to think about it.

The hospitality industry is full of standard operating procedures, checklists, and processes that can sap joy and creativity. Instead, the process of improving things end-to-end can be a highly creative endeavor and not just a list for rote memorization and blind adherence.

As hoteliers seek to make an impact in 2019, a ripe opportunity is a re-thinking of guest experience. The small, micro-moments as a guest moves between planning, arrival, and checkout.

Sure, there are methodologies that already exist to analyze data around each potential guest touch point, gathering feedback and making operational improvements. But there is also a much more joyful, creative approach that creates moments of delight and also echoes into the online comments and guest feedback.

Not every step along the guest journey needs to be mind-blowing, but a smart g.m. knows the key moments in their experience that are poised to make a disproportionate impact. By creating simple systems of leverage, huge outcomes can happen with minimal adjustments to existing systems.

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