Those Who Wrongly Fretted About Declining Travel Demand in 2018 Are Only A Bit More Optimistic Now

External Article11 February 2019 external

A year after fretting publicly about declining travel demand, especially among foreigners coming to the United States, U.S. travel promotion officials now admit 2018 saw surprising growth in demand..

Yet some of the same people who missed their forecast last year by a mile now admit, only grudgingly it seems, that travel demand will continue to be reasonably strong this year, but perhaps only through the first six months or so.

So, should we expect them to be right this time when they were wrong last year? That’s the problem about making long term forecasts, whether we’re talking about weather or economics; on those relatively rare occasions when anybody cares to check back to see how you did in the past, you can’t hide your trust-eroding mistakes.

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