Pace Announces A Certification With Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS

The hotel industry, compared to other industries, has been sluggish to adopt new technologies. This is changing. New technologies are emerging that bring operational efficiencies, better guest experiences and a host of other improvements. Revenue Management been falling behind on this trend. More than 90% of hotels still yield and manage revenues manually. The small minority of hotels that embrace technology have been limited a handful of solutions, which require significant investment of capital and time.

Pace is at the forefront of a revolution in revenue management that democratises to state of the art revenue management. Started in 2016, it has quickly become a leader in next generation revenue management, through its focus on real time intelligence and decision automation. Pace is the first solution to bring together a focus on primary data and continuous pricing in a product that is intuitive to learn and efficient to use. Thanks to Pace, hotels are now able to take hundreds of accurate pricing decisions in seconds, with full updates every hour allowing faster response. As of today, Opera’s existing 40,000 hotel customers will have direct, two-way access to the Pace Revenue Manager. This integration gives Opera customers access to what an increasing number are calling the future of revenue management.


Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services is a cloud-based, mobile enabled platform for next generation hotel management. OPERA Cloud offers an intuitive user interface, comprehensive functionality for particularly in the property management space including hundreds of key partner interfaces such as Pace to meet the needs of hotels of all types and sizes. Eight out of 10 of the world’s top hotel groups rely on Oracle Hospitality OPERA products to help them deliver an outstanding experience to each and every guest, while maximizing operational efficiency in every area of their businesses. Further information: Oracle Opera Cloud.


Pace was founded in 2016 as the first revenue management solution to make cross-disciplinary science and technology available to a non-technical audience. You shouldn’t need a degree in revenue management to use advanced revenue management techniques. The intuitive and simple interface, is powered by a machine learning engine that has been built by a team of academics and Ph.D.s from the aerospace and finance industries. Pace empowers clients to build and maintain revenue management culture by focusing on a simple promise: Always the right price.

The company is supported by Speedinvest, InterGlobe Enterprises, Amadeus Capital Partners, Seedcamp, and others. For more information, visit Pace.

Jens Munch
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