Bonotel reaps growth rewards from agile move to the Cloud | By Sonja Woodman

Bonotel Exclusive Travel is the leading inbound tour operator in North America and a wholesale distributor of curated, exclusive luxury hotel rooms to a longstanding base of wholesale clients. The company provides seamless electronic distribution, with in-house expert marketing and distribution specialists, to thousands of international tour operators and travel agencies through the Bonotel booking platform. Their API is key to their business operations – currently distributing over 1.25 million room nights annually and representing some of the most luxurious properties to be found anywhere in the world. Bonotel’s success is built on nurturing their reputation for being highly responsive in terms of speed, relevance of product offering and quality of service. These are the hallmarks of their business proposition which are underpinned by their choice of technology to make sure they stay ahead. Bonotel first started benfiting from using the Triometric platform in 2011 within their core system to obtain deep and actionalble insight for their distribution.

Bonotel’s platform already handles hundreds of millions of online transactions every day and that number is always growing. To accommodate their impressive growth with infrastructure flexibility, three years ago the hotel distributor decided to move their core system and operations to the cloud, in order to get a smarter, more agile and flexible solution for their geographically dispersed  business. They migrated collaboratively with existing tried and tested technology partners, including Triometric who understands and appreciates the dynamics behind the wholesale distribution challenges.

Triometric’s technology is used in two ways: 

  • Firstly, it provides the IT level performance monitoring of Bonotel’s web services infrastructure to ensure that the web services are kept optimised for the customer base. Having this real-time operational visibility is critical when relying on third party delivered services.
  • Secondly, the Trio platform provides deeper analysis of the API traffic to get core insights into Bonotel’s distribution activities from its cloud hosted servers providing the online booking platform. 

Both the Triometric analytics platform and the booking platform were successfully migrated into Bonotel’s cloud architecture, so from a user experience perspective the migration was fairly seamless. The migration did have some interesting challenges along the way, including the development and deployment by Triometric of new software based network packet capture technology. This was essential to continue capturing the raw API traffic in the cloud and it requires a significantly different technical approach.

Bonotel’s move to the cloud has more than fulfilled expectations on a number of levels, both in terms of operational performance and distribution capabilities. The cloud platform gives them the business agility they need. This includes the ability to rapidly scale up capacity while at the same time keeping the environment highly resilient and customer data highly secure.

They are benefitting from being able to focus on core business activities including innovating and rolling out new products and features and upholding quality customer service and satisfaction. Importantly, Bonotel were able to retain all the critical real-time performance metrics and intelligence of their API traffic. These distribution insights play a key role in the on-going service optimisation central to the customer satisfaction ethos at Bonotel, enabling them to understand customers’ experience, and through the flexible, scalable Cloud environment, respond and deliver to their needs. 

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About Triometric

Triometric is a specialist provider of XML- based business intelligence and operational analytics designed to help online travel companies meet the challenges and opportunities of today”s fragmented distribution landscape. Triometric technology is a powerful end-to-end web services monitoring and analytics platform that helps customers manage complex distribution dynamics by giving them deep insight into their search and booking traffic. This actionable intelligence enables travel companies including hotel wholesalers, online travel agencies, metasearch engines and hotels and airlines to improve their business performance by reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Triometric is a privately held company based in Surrey, United Kingdom. Customers in the travel sector include Hotelbeds, Destinations of the World (DoTW), Miki Travel, Bonotel and JacTravel.

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